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Do You

  • Have passion for young people in Africa?
  • Want to help the younger generation identify and solve problems?
  • Love to teach students how to code?
  • Love technology and innovative solutions?
  • Possess good communication and collaboration skills?

Why Volunteer at Codespark Foundation?

At Codespark Foundation, we believe the next innovation in technology will be born and developed in Africa. We are also convinced that the younger generation should be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to make them relevant in the digital space.

By volunteering at Codespark Foundation, you begin to empower young people with technology while building strong institutions and great technical talents. You will join a team of seasoned tech evangelists, enthusiasts, software developers and business consultants from top IT firms in Nigeria who share your interests and are open to learning and collaborating for impact.

We look forward to working with great volunteers and you may just prove to us you are one of them by filling the form below.

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